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Tomb Raider III


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Below you will be able to view walkthroughs for London.

Level 12: Thames Wharf
Kills: 26 Secrets: 5 Items: 30
As the level begins, check the surrounding area and notice the sloping wall to the right. Over the wall lies your first Secret. Run and jump over the wall utilizing the walkway leading straight to it. Collect the Save Crystal and ammo, and utilize the tall box to climb the wall.

Across the wall, hop down to the lower platform and run and jump to the crane. Drop down to the counterweight and jump over to the ladder. Follow the pathway down to the sloped roof. You have to jump to the central opening to avoid the barbwire. Walk through the barbwire and rid the room of rats and other more desirable things to find a secret.

Pull up out of the barbwire and return to the crane's arm above the counterweight. The route back is semi-obvious, but be careful to shimmy left before you slide back to the level start. Hang from the end of the walkway near the level start and you can see the ramp and the Switch below. Step backward and drop onto the slope, then jump and grab the ledge with the Switch. Throw it and look across the gap. Run, jump, and grab to the platform with the Small Medi Pack. Slide and drop down to the green trapdoor, which was raised when you threw the Switch moments ago. In the large, dark room, the second section of the platform on the left will collapse under Lara's weight: roll onto it and run to the adjoining section, which is solid.

Run, jump, and grab from the stable section of the platform to the distant ledge. You'll bonk your head, but you can still make the grab. Follow the hallway and take the Flue Room Key from the bad guy. Backtrack to the ledge. To get out of the room, you need to hang from the corner of the platform, then drop and grab the platform below. That button opens the exit, which you reach by shimmying to the right along the crack. Back near the green trapdoor outside, you can throw the Switch on the wall to the right, then hang and drop to the level below. Shimmy right using the invisible ledge. There are two crawl spaces to pilfer. You'll get the Secret chime when you enter the second one.

Return to the ledge with the green door and pull up into the dark crawl space. Follow the path to the right. Push the button, and then doubleback through the crawl space. The button you see in the cinematic moves the scaffold. From the end of the walkway with the green door, hang and drop to the slope, and down to ground level. Dispose of the sniper, and don't overlook the Flares near the Save Crystal. Utilize the stack of boxes near the ammo to climb back to the upper ledges. Climb the ladders back up to where the level began.

Jump back over to the ledge above the green trapdoor. You don't need to throw the Switch first, but it couldn't hurt. Utilize the long crack to shimmy the length of the building to the right. Follow the pathway. When you come to the upper and lower passage juncture, choose the low road. You can see the scaffold far below. The button which raises it (the one which was behind the glass) is to the right. The scaffold repositions in front of the Flue Room door.

Run and jump to the scaffold, grabbing to lower your trajectory and avoid the awning. Smoke the crow and enter the Flue Room. When you push the button beyond the Save Crystal, puffs of flame cross the room. Be careful on your way out: pause and wait for the flame to fade, and run through to the safe zone between the puffs. Hang and drop from the edge of the scaffold to return to the pathway. Double back to the high road at the juncture. Before you drop down into the hole that the Flue Room button made accessible, jump and grab the ledge, and pull up near the ammo.

Look off to the left from where you picked up the ammo. Step onto the slope, slide, and drop to the small ledge below. Drop down from the ledge above and collect the rocket before climbing back to the hole in the path. Jump to the path, then hang and drop through the hole from there. Follow the passageway, jumping and grabbing from the ledge to reach the hallway with the Save Crystal. Follow the somewhat sloping hallway, careful not to slide down without that Large Medi Pack. Drop down into the room and dispose of the guard. This is the water control room. The Switch and the two buttons under glass help solve a big puzzle.

When you first arrive, one of the tanks down the hallway is full of water. The other tank is dry, and you can see a red-lit hallway off to the left, out of reach. Throw the Switch in the water control room, and then swim down into the previously dry tank. Collect the stash and pull the Switch. A door in the floor of the other tank opens. Throw the Switch in the water control room again and the water level lowers in the tank with the open trapdoor. Approach the blades and they slow enough for you to swim past. Follow the passage past the underwater fans. Look for a crawl space when it dead-ends. Drop from the upper hallway to the passage below.

In the dark room with the runaway generator, pull out the mesh box and push it so that the generator smashes the wall panel. Climb the ladder back to the water control room. You should be able to swim to the red-tinged hallway once the button is pressed. If not, flip the Switch on the wall. Through the red-tinged hallway, swim over and relieve the guard, then press the button to make the second glass-covered Switch accessible. The large tank is dry when you go to backtrack, but there's a monkey swing above. When the second button in the water control room is pressed, return to the tank that you monkey-swung above. Swim down through the opening and follow the underwater tunnel once you collect the Harpoons. When you reach the open area, collect the underwater goodies and exit the pool into the hallway. Expect trouble.

Follow the pathway through the barbwire, jumping to the crane platform and from there to the wall. Take your time: a misstep is fatal. There's major sniper trouble lurking in the cathedral dome, as well as the last two Secrets of the level. Don't jump to the walkway on the opposite side of the dome until you get the goods. Push the movable block the short distance you can move it, and climb to the surface above. From near where you find the Small Medi Pack, run and jump along the wall, over the distant slope, and claim the Cathedral Key. Before you take the exit path, look to the left, and you'll see an odd break in the fence line. Climb down the ladder and follow the path downward. Take the Large Medi Pack and double back to the level exit path leading away from the dome.

Level 13: Aldwych
Kills: 29 Secrets: 5 Items: 41
Blow open the grating in the long hallway, and climb to the upper chamber. Watch your back as you gather goodies. Circle around and pull the box with the climbable surface. Drop down into the ticket booth area, and defend yourself. Look for another opening above a ticket booth. Since you moved the box up above, you can jump up above the ticket booth and climb to a small room. Take the Maintenance Room Key, and exit via the door. Follow the right-hand escalator and run and jump the pit. Plug the immortal and check the door.

Try your key in the door, and push the button in the small room to turn on the lights. Look on the same side of the tracks as the Maintenance Room. With the lights on, you should find an Old Penny. Drop down onto the deep set of tracks: the ones you must jump to reach the previous area. Sprint and duck off to the right to avoid the oncoming train. Clean up in the red room, and climb the ladder. Backflip from the top to reach the nearby ledge. Monkey swing along the ceiling. Be sure to make that right turn, and drop down at the wall.

Hang and drop into the drill room, jumping immediately to the left from the collapsible platform. Slide, jump and grab. Quickly shimmy to the right as the blade descends. Drop from the right half of the ledge. Drop down and jump from the slope, spinning in midair to another slope. Slide and grab the edge, then drop and grab down to the Secret. Hang and drop to the lower ledge. Now that's a Secret. In the upper chamber, climb to the dangerous ledges and side step right. Wait for the flames to die off, and hurry atop the block.

Climb upward. A Switch along the way activates another nearby trap, and opens a trapdoor back in the red room. Climb to the chamber above the train platform. Pop the rats and collect the prizes. Drop down to the platform. Backtrack to the red room via the low set of tracks. Climb to the open trap door as you did before. In the upper room, drop the badguy and check the area. Drop down and pull the box to access a hallway. Follow the passage to a greenish corridor.

The Switches on the wall control the timed doors in the upper chamber. You only need to press one at a time. The object is to raise the piece of ceiling that prevents you from swinging over to the platform in the room on the left. Pressing the left-hand button allows you to sprint to the middle and far right rooms. When you backtrack through the red room, monkey swing to the drill room. There's a second Solomon's Key in the hall up from the drill. On your way past the ticket booths, use the Old Penny at the dark window. A Ticket appears at your feet.

Check down the second escalator. Blast open the grating near the mudslide, and drop inside to gather the stash. Run down the tracks to the right, and shoot the guard quickly when he appears near the doors. The Switch puzzle is maddening. There are four Switches in the area. In the room with two Switches, the right-hand one can be left alone entirely.

Once you solve the button puzzle, you can enter the Mason's room. Notice that one of the curtains extends to the ground above a collapsible floor section. Run through the curtain and take the Ornate Star. Put both of Solomon's Keys in the Mason's Room locks, and be ready for dog trouble when you take the Masonic Mallet. Through the other door that opens in the Mason's Room, swim to the chamber. Run and jump to grab the crack in the wall, and shimmy right. Jump to the ceiling panel and drop to the crawlspace. Use the Ticket at the barrier, wary of rats and other vermin.

Use the Ornate Star in front of the door past the row of barriers. Be ready to jump back and open fire. Follow the upper hallway and backtrack. Head down the escalator, and follow the path. Use the Masonic Mallet to open the locked door. Follow the hallway, ready for an ambush from the right. That's a backtrack route in a few moments, but not yet. Near the train, snuff the badguy and check the dark end of the cavern for even more good stuff.

Backtrack to the crack in the floor, and climb into the train. Press the button, and exit with a new area accessible. Keep your finger off the trigger as you enter the dark hallway. You have to let the badguy up ahead live, at least temporarily. Follow the torch-bearer down the hallway. Be ready for an attack as you round the final corner: Two badguys rush at you. In the small room, press both Switches.

You need to backtrack through the train, all the way to the red room. Yes, the red room. In the hallway where you gave chase, and also near the small room wit the buttons are two ramps. Those end the level. Use the overpass to head back to the low section of tracks. Up through the trapdoor in the red room, you'll see that door has opened.

Level 14: Lud's Gate
Kills: 19 Secrets: 6 Items: 53
Now that you've made friends, you can let the immortals be, and they'll keep to themselves. From the room with two small pools, choose the left-hand path. Slide to the chamber below, then quickly turn and pull up to the ledge on the right. Drop down to the crack and then the ground, and walk through the barbwire. Pull up to the wide spot in the crack and enter the dark area. There's a hole in the ceiling to use as an exit. You have to jump around a corner to grab the edge of a slope, and make it back up above the barbwire.

The button opens a nearby trapdoor. Climb to the hallway before you jump to the mesh, and grab the Large Medi Pack. Climb the mesh to this point above the green grate, then jump and spin. Don't grab, and you'll reach the ledge standing up. Backflip from the stripe in the red area, spin and grab the ladder. Climb up, then drop and grab very quickly so that Lara hangs from the ledge. From the hanging position, you can pull up to the ledge. Climb up the mesh and crawl to the end of the passage. Grab the ammo and crawl back to where you can stand up. Drop down into the room with the movable block, and drop the guard. Expect more trouble when you open the door. Move the box to the opposite end of the track, and the large area nearby is accessible.

In the large Egyptian area, climb to the opening in the ladder and follow the passage. Move the box, then climb atop it to reach the exit. You actually have to jump and grab to reach the ledge. Back in the large area, you can utilize the large pillar that has moved to reach a ledge high and to the left. Slide down the red hallway and return to the room with the first block. Pull it to the central position. Climb the tall pillar back in the large Egyptian room, and spy a Switch on the wall to the left of the ladder.

Run and jump and grab the short distance to get beneath the ledge. The Switch closes the ladder door. Back closer to the floor, monkey swing to two separate alcoves. The one opposite the Save Crystal has a Switch that opens a door high above. Climb to the upper reaches of the room using the ladder. Jump the platforms to the left as you face the room. Don't overlook the goodies nearby, and save your game at the top of the slope. Slide and jump and grab the walkway, then slide and do a standing jump forward and grab from the floor section that collapses beneath you. Take the Embalming Fluid, and continue in that direction.

Dispose of the guard in the hallway, and crawl through to the small room after checking your health. Dispose of the guard, and open the door to get the rocket before continuing down to the large sphinx room. Monkey swing over to the far ledge and get the Save Crystal, then drop down to the head of the sphinx at the point where you get the wide angle. Look toward the rear of the sphinx and to the left. Walk to that corner and line-up with the downward point of the ceiling. Hop backward, and then do a standing jump forward. You land on a ledge with a Small Medi Pack. Jump from there to the nearby pillar.

From the pillar, run and jump and grab the edge of the slope. Pull up, and slide and jump to the ledge where you could see the Save Crystal. Down below, remove the hostility and gather ammo. The boxes above the doorway must be repositioned. By climbing to the ledge and then using the face of the first box to climb to an upper hallway, you can reconfigure the boxes and spy a Secret. Jump and grab the edge of the blue ledge, and hang and drop to the floor to exit. Moving the second box allows you to return to near the start of the level.

Use the Embalming Fluid at the ceremonial niche in the first room of the level. A passage opens nearby. Swim down and grab the UPV. Bank to the right in the large chamber to spy an opening. Head for the hole beneath the box as a crocodile pursues. If you get inside the hole and pivot, you can easily shoot the croc as it comes through the narrow opening. Gather the goodies from around the large area, returning to the small chamber to get air. Toward the far right corner of the room, a current sucks you to a new area.

Follow the underwater tunnel. Through the glass you can spy a Secret. Pull the lever on the wall to the right. Up above, push the button to open another passage down in the tunnel. Follow the underwater passage. When the area opens up, continue underwater to the right. You can surface in the area around another right turn. Below is a room with a Switch to pull. Near the room with the lever that opens the trapdoor, there's another small opening in the wall. Gather the stash. Swim back past the underwater entrance to the large area, and continue down the narrow passage. On the right is a ledge. Climb out and keep low.

You have to stop the frogman from closing the Secret area, beneath the water and to the right. There's also an underwater tunnel off this area. In the large area, the object is to get air in the one small chamber and defend yourself while you gather the goodies. Switches in some of the chambers open doors with more Switches. Make sure you return to the air room before you try for each new Switch. You need the oxygen to make it safely. Notice the walls surrounding this Switch don't look a lot like the outer chamber. Get familiar with the area or you'll be sucking in a lung-full of murky water. The final Switch is a long haul that opens the exit hatch, to the left of the air room, and also lets loose a flurry of frogmen.

Up the water passage, drop into the murk beneath the flaming ledges to find the lever witch de-activates the trap. Dodge past the pistons, and monkey swing to the opening in the waterfall. Use the Boiler Room Key to open a hatch way back through the large underwater chamber. Stick to the left. Past the machinery and the guard, the hall dead-ends. Backtrack to discover a crawlspace off the hall. Follow the passages, running and jumping and grabbing across the chasm until you reach the purple ledge. Time for a showdown.

Level 15: City
Kills: 0 Secrets: 1 Items: 6
Lara arrives at the City showdown all alone because Sophia has left the office. The pyrotechnics that begin as Lara nears the end of the hallway mean Sophia is fully charged. The madwoman rains destruction down on the small landing. Head for the ramp. Pull up top and turn around. There's a monkey swing overhead, but you don't need it. You can run and jump the distance between the two ledges. It's much safer than swinging.

From the pillar where you grab after jumping, pull up above the monkey swing. Turn away from Sophia and look beyond the low box with the metal top. Peering over the edge, you can perceive a Secret. Hang on the ornate wall and spy an opening below. Drop down and grab the ledge, then pull up to pilfer the goodies from the chamber.

Hang and drop back to the floor outside, ready for an assault. Sophia continues to hammer away as you climb back to the ledge with the small metal box. Try not to get caught out in the open. Listen for the sound of your foe recharging her power. In the opposite direction of the Secret is a walkway leading to a button. Roll as soon as you push the button, as Sophia zeroes in for the kill.

Hustle back along the walkway. A trapdoor has opened to the ledge above. Pull up to the ledge. Now you're almost on the same level as the boss. Run along the upper walkway toward the ladder.

You can hide out near the base of the ladder and wait for the boss to recharge. Quickly climb up the ladder when the time is right. At the top of the ladder, quickly crawl through the space on the right. If you linger, or take too long scooping up the Small Medi Pack, you will pay. Crawl through and then turn around and climb atop the crawl space.

Off to the right, you can see an easy jump to the bad side of town, but don't make that leap just yet. Instead, run along the upper walkway. Run, jump, and grab the distant ledge as the boss unloads to your right. Climb up and keep moving straight ahead. There's a fuse box on the wall.

Shoot the fuse box and Sophia gets an overload of power. You can see the last of the relics across the way, but the direct route is electrified. Now's the time to head back and make that easy jump. It's on the other side of the crawl space. Run, jump, and grab the distant ledge to return to the area above the crawl space. Stand at the very edge of the ledge and jump forward across the street.

You have to pick your way carefully through the charged area. Climb the relatively tall wood-sided box. Next, climb over the smaller box. Finally, climb over the box to the right of the artifact. Press the button to cut the power; then take your prize.

Major items picked up:
2 Keys and 8 Save/Power-up Crystals in Thames Wharf
3 Key, Masonic Mallet, Ornate Star, Old Penny, Ticket, Uzis, Rocket Launcher and 9 Save/Power-up Crystals in Aldwych
1 Key, Enbalming Fluid, Harpoon Gun and 11 Save/Power-up Crystals in Lud's Gate
Eye of Isis in City

The next part of the game is in Antarctica.