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Tomb Raider III


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Below you will be able to view walkthroughs for Nevada.

Level 5: Nevada Desert
Kills: 29 Secrets: 3 Items: 25
Look to the skies as the level gets underway, and get used to it. You never know what you might see ... There's also rattlers to contend with. They favor the bushes. Off to the right, a snake rests with a rocket. Cross the pool and explore the passage. There's a hallway at the far end that's hard to see from a distance. Push the movable block that you find along the path. Take the ammo and continue up the trail. From the central platform of the two running jumps, you can hang and drop into a barbwire-free zone. To exit the area, you push the block that you pushed just a few moments before. Dealing with the nearby snake first is prudent.

Continue along the path, perhaps walking slowly to the right of the metal box, ready to pan the camera up and to the right ... Run and jump from the trail near the metal box to the ledge. Dispose of the snake near the bush, then run and jump to the closest portion of the distant walkway. Run off the end of the path when it dead-ends, and you'll land on a ledge below. Continue along the trail, stepping down to claim a Large Medi Pack, then go back to the trail and run for the rocks. Run, jump, and grab toward the rock pile from the ledge, and continue to the top of the box, wary of the snake. Drop through the hole in the top of the large metal box and you'll fall into a waterway far below. Swim along until you can surface.

The large canyon is dominated by the waterfalls at one end. In the opposite direction from the falls, the trail is less glamorous. That's your route. Be ready for a bird attack the first time down the path. There are a couple of harrowing jumps-like around a corner to grab a ledge-but get used to it. This is the big backtrack route. Eventually, you reach a high ledge. You should be on the same level with the rock formation. Run and jump across the canyon to the ledge on the far side. Since this is your first trip, you might as well climb down and get the secret. From the secret, drop into the water below. There's plenty of stuff scattered on the river floor. Don't overlook the waterfall niches.

From the water, climb the low red rock near the waterfall. Climb the tall red rock next to that. Run and jump to the slope directly across the canyon. Don't grab! If you just run and jump, you arrive standing up. Time for the big backtrack. Head back around the canyon as you did to find the secret, but this time stick to the upper path. Jump shy of the bush, or you'll step on the snake lurking thereabouts. Don't fall in the hole on the ledge when you jump past the rock. Past the rock and the hole, hang from the ledge and drop to the crack below. Shimmy left. From the ledge at the end of the crack, jump up and grab the underside of the ledge. Swing hand-over-hand to the cliff face. Press up against the cliff, then drop and grab to hold the surface. Climb to the left and up. In the area near the Save Crystal, you can see a big TNT box down below. There are also Flares down there. You need the Detonator Key to set off the charge. Now's a good time to save.

Jump to the slope beside the falls, and grab the edge when you slide. Climb down to the ledge below, Follow it along the cliff. From the end of the ledge, jump and grab the tall climbable surface. Climb all the way to the top, and backflip to a flat rock. From the flat rock, jump and grab the slope in between the falls. When you pull up, you'll slide toward a ledge. Jump and grab. Take the ammo, jump to the crack, and shimmy right. When the camera pulls back, drop and jump to backflip across the waterway. Jump the small platforms up the stream. A gigantic waterwheel dominates the cavern. On the left shore, round a boulder to the left and kill a snake. About-face at that point and crawl under the large rock. Back on the shore, there's a small chamber to the left of the waterwheel. Inside is an elevator in the down position. On the elevator is the Detonator for the TNT. Kill the badguy and climb the waterwheel.

Follow the sides of the channel to an open area, ready for an air assault. In the water to the right, which is safe, you can swim down to a switch which opens a nearby door. Once you collect the ammo from the small underwater chamber, throw the switch closer to the falling water. As soon as you go inside the underwater tunnel that opens, look for a switch on the dark wall overhead. Pull it. Swim through the tunnel, pulling another more obvious switch, and you'll surface in a hallway. Throwing the switch here activates the waterwheel. On your way back to the waterwheel, check the dry river bed. You can jump to the upper ledge, then back to the river bed. There's a block below that let's you get behind the falls. You can get back to the river bed from one end of that same block.

Your ultimate destination is the elevator chamber near the waterwheel. Dispose of the guard and take the Detonator. Now it's time to backtrack once again. Back at the TNT box, notice the boulder that will threaten to ruin the big moment. Use the Detonator and jump to the left. In the blown-up area, climb the ledges. From the highest, large ledge, you can climb to the next area. It's a quick trip around this large area, if you know where you're going. Circle the fence to the left and climb to the narrow, dark passage. At the juncture, jump and grab the upper ledge. There's no need to go down just yet. Swim down in the chamber: there are two switches to pull. One is behind the pillar, the other is in the tunnel. Backtrack to the area near the electrified fence. This time, go down the wide cave opening.

Snuff the snakes and throw the switch inside the small building. Return to the narrower passage, and choose the low road at the juncture. Once the guards are dealt with, you can jump from the structure to a box across the fence. Expect trouble as soon as you hit the box across the fence. Remember that nearby lethal current as you fight: best to get out of the narrow area. In the buildings you'll find badguys, a lock, and the Quad Bike. You can ride the Quad to the top of the building (risky) or use the box and grating to climb to the Generator Access pass roof. Backflip when you open the generator room and take decisive action. With the electricity off, open up the main gate-the switch is right beside it. Ride the Quad Bike down into the cave and use the big jump to clear the fence.

Level 6: High Security Compound
Kills: 14 Secrets: 2 Items: 20
Jump into the window to summon the guard. When he arrives, sprint past him and off the railing outside. Wait for the guard to chase you down the stairs, then hustle back up toward your cell. Hit the switch on the wall beside the cell next door, and the inmate comes out to battle the guard. Open up all the cell doors, and notice the one which was open to begin with.

Push the first box, and a crawl space is revealed. Crawl through, and push the box, this allows you to push the first box back down the passage, exposing the same crawl space, now on your right. By manipulating the boxes and using the crawl space, you can reach the sector which you originally pushed the second box into. Up above the passage which leads from the cell, you can jump and grab a walkway. Run and jump across the barbwire pit.

Walk through the barbwire to reach the switch. Use the ledge near the switch to reach the trapdoor. Climb about halfway down and look for a ledge on the left. Jump over the first trapdoor you come across in the darkened hallway. Drop through the trapdoor in the small room and you'll fall into a control center. Hit the button on the wall nearby. The inmates arrive to mug the MP, who drops a Security Pass.

Check the door to the left of the dining room entrance. The room with the large boxes is a straightforward movement puzzle. Run around the room, pushing the movable box beneath the hole in the ceiling. Up above the box room, jump the pipe and throw the switch on the wall. Swim back through the box room, and up through another hole in the ceiling.

Jump across the sizzling kitchen to the room with the red floor. Follow the walkway, wary of barbwire pits. In the yellow chamber, throw the switch on the wall to shut off the kitchen grill. Backtrack through the hole in the ceiling where you arrive, though the button opens the nearby door. Double back to the outer walkway, and then go through the room with the red floor to the hole above the kitchen.

Drop down into the kitchen and open the door at the far end. In the short hallway, open the door around the corner to the right before you open the portal on the left. Sprint back through the kitchen and buttonhook right, then turn left in the hallway. You have to beat feet back to the cell block so that the inmates can help you. Check the room that the guard came out of to find the switch that raises the vent above the kitchen grill. Jump to the crack and shimmy left, then jump from the sloped surface to the flat area across the pit. Climb up into the crawl space.

Follow the passage. The man in the corridor is an inmate. In the steep green hallway, let the guard pass. Now sprint up. Hang a right and hustle across the large area. Don't let the guard see you. Follow the open passage to the lower cell block. When you open the cell door, the inmate hustles up the corridor. Follow him.

Up above, you'll see that the inmate has taken care of business. Pick up the Security Pass and use it on the nearby door. Follow the large passage once you've deactivated the electric beams. Get the guard's attention, then run left down the hallway. Open the cell in the corridor and take the key that the guard drops. It fits in the lock in the large open area. When you see the guard below, crouch down and go through the crawl space. Crawl over to the switch. The guard is armed. Hit the switch when the guard is on your left (as you face the switch) and jump the red electric beam to enter the hallway.

Follow the hall to the large chamber. Along the walkway, look down and spy an opening just above a platform. Moving the big dish is not such a big deal. Instead of jumping through the hole beneath the big dish, hang and drop from the lowest support to the ground far below. Climb the ladder off of the ground level. In the corridor, sneak past the guard. Remember this spot. Later on there's a Secret nearby.

Backtrack with the Security Pass to the red hallway. Near the door, push the button to open the portal. The switch on the other side of the grating will close the door up again: do not go to the trouble of finding that switch. It's evil. Put the Security Pass in the lock and climb the ladder. The hole in the side of the large chamber, above the waterline, is the path to the evil switch. Don't do it. Jump in the water and take the Save Crystal as you swim down the tunnel. Swim the long tunnel and then backtrack for the power-ups. In the small room, be mindful not to surface in the path of the electric beams. Climb up and jump the beams to the ledge. In the cargo area, climb the boxes on the left. Pistols and the Desert Eagle await you in the small room.

When you exit the room, sprint through the electric eye and beneath the ledge as the gun turret unloads. The gun will reset once you're out of sight. Climb the boxes back to the cargo area. Time for the big Secret backtrack. Since the door in the yellowish alcove is open, you can make it back to the floor area of the chamber with the big dish. Go all the way back to the guard that was looking in the wrong direction. He's armed and dangerous. Take the Security Pass he drops and open the door at the far end of the corridor. In the short hallway, pick up the Grenade Launcher. Backtrack once more, all the way to the cargo room. Head up the wide slope, ready for armed resistance.

Clear the hallway and take the ladder upstairs. The button on the right is the one you want in order to move the boxes. The other lets enemies enter from the nearby gate. Use the box to climb to the upper ledge in the cargo area. Monkey-swing over to the ledge. Watch that winch when you exit back to this area, that's when it's a killer. Kill the guard above and take his Security Pass. Open the final locked gate and rid the area of villains. When you climb in the back of the truck, the level ends.

Level 8:Area 51
Kills: 25 Secrets: 3 Items: 29
Exit the truck and pillage the boxes on the left, then give chase to the guard. You can't let him reach the distant alarm. As long as the guard doesn't reach the alarm pad, the MP5 is within your reach. Leave the switch alone. Use the nearby button to open the grating and crawl through. Take the Large Medi Pack. As you enter the dangerous crawl space, crouch and crawl to the left. You have to time it just right, but it's worth another Large Medi Pack. Crawl back into the laser tunnel as the trap moves away. When it passes overhead, stand and run to the ledge, using the Action and Forward buttons to climb up quickly.

Wait for the guard to pass on your right, and crawl quickly out of the crawl space. You have to stop the guard before he gets to the alarm pad. Try the Desert Eagle. Expect more trouble when you open the room nearby. Crawl through the hole in the wall to avoid the laser-trigger turret up ahead. Follow the hallway. Take out the guard in the long hallway. Round the corner to the switch above the obvious trapdoor. Throw the switch and let Lara fall. There's no need to be too tricky.

From where Lara lands, turn to the left and go around to the right of the pillar. When you step around the pillar, look to the left. A guard will be going for an alarm pad. If he makes it, he seals off a Secret and let's loose some doggies. Go with the Eagle. Once you've collected the Grenades, drop down to the wire mesh floor and pull the switch. A trapdoor drops you to the area below. Kill the guard on duty. If you stopped the sniper upstairs, the grating is open. As long as the sniper in the upper area was killed before reaching the alarm pad, the small crawl space is open. Collect the ammo and drop through the trapdoor mesh to the hallway below. Deal with the guard and investigate the near corner.

When you open the small cell with the switch in the hall, the prisoner you let loose takes on the arriving MP. Crawl in and get the Large Medi Pak. In the long hallway, bypass the laser traps in favor of the crawl space. Kill the MP. The buttons on the large panels are monitors for the trap up ahead. When you go for the door in the chamber, bad guys arrive from either side. A switch in one badguy's alcove opens the crawl space in the other.

Trip the green alarm beams and shoot the guard. Continue up the corridor. When the corridor branches, head to the right. Use the cover of the wall to take down the sniper near the rocket. Take the Code Clearance Disk from the ledge and return to the hallway through which you arrived. At the other end of the hallway, the left turn from the steep corridor, is the console which requires the disk. Hop over the intersecting alarm beams. With the missile lifted, you can reach the ammo on the ledge.

Run and jump to the ladder between the two missiles. Backflip from the top of the climb. Peg the sniper in the far corner of the upper area with the Desert Eagle. Leap to the sniper's ledge, using the gap in the beams above, and take the Hangar Access Key. At the other end of the sniper's ledge, drop down to the platform on the other side of the winch. Shoot the funky grating on the wall near the winch and climb into the tunnel. Follow the corridor for a prize. Head back to the rocket room. There's a hallway at floor level.

Step past the hole in the floor. That's launch control. Continue in the upper hallway and apply the Hangar Access Key to the lock. Kill the guard on the train platform and drop carefully into the area near the electrified rail. Climb the mesh and push the button. The train arrives far down the track when you push the button. From the nearby ledge, stand and jump to the corner of the car. From the end of the train, jump up and grab the edge of the hallway above. Jump up and use the monkey swing above the second set of gratings. You'll have to follow the laser trap for a short distance, then turn and drop to solid ground when the trap approaches.

Run and jump to the platform and whip out that Shotgun to deal with the fleeing figure. If he makes it off up the hallway, many more enemies will lie in wait. Follow the hallway around the UFO. Be careful not to trip any of the green electric eyes, or the gun turrets make you pay. Climb the boxes to the opposite hall, mindful of another guard up ahead. He breaks left to right in the large room, going for an alarm down the short hallway. The first time you push each of the buttons on the upper walk, a sniper appears in the hallway below. Take care of them before trying the puzzle for real. As you face the buttons, push the left one first, then the right. Use the white top of the console to move quickly from one ledge to the other, and also to cushion your jump to the floor.

Relieve the guard and flip the switches. Try the two on the right end, then try the switch that's one in from the left-hand side. When activated simultaneously, the UFO becomes accessible. Back near the UFO, push the button and climb the ladder. Backflip from the top of the ladder to the rafters. Run and jump around the rafters. You can step down to a walkway above the saucer. Later on, you'll have to repeat the rafter walk to get the nearby Secret. Backtrack. The Launch Code from the top of the saucer goes in a key reader down the hole in the floor. Now you're at Launch Control, back near the big rocket room. The key from the top of the saucer makes the button accessible. When you push the button, jump left, roll, and run into a full sprint. Keep running straight while the cinematic plays.

Climb high up in the area where the rocket was launched. Kill the guard and open the nearby corridor. It'll seal behind you. Past the laser trap, plug the sniper. Rid the general area of villains and collect the key which accesses the saucer. Throw the switch downstairs to open the trapdoor. Backtrack to the saucer area. Take the goodies from the area and climb back into the rafters. Past the walkway leading out to the saucer, run, jump, and grab to the open doorway. From the upper rafters, you can enter a hallway connecting to the huge aquarium. Take the Save Crystal and don't fool around for too long. It's tough to get back out of the tank, and a long drop to the floor. The last few goons wait inside the saucer, which seals on your entry. When you take the relic from the upper chamber, Nevada is history.

Major items picked up:
Uzis, Detenator Switch, a Key Card and 3 Save/Power-up Crystals in Nevada Desert
Pistol, Desert Eagle Pistol, Grenade Launcher, 3 Key Cards, 4 Pass Keys and 3 Save/Crystals in High Security Compound
MP5, Shotgun, 2 Code Disks, 1 Key, 1 Code Card, the Ora Dagger and 4 Save/Crystals in Area 51

The next part of the game is in the South Pacific.