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Tomb Raider
Eygpt Walkthroughs


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Below are the walkthroughs for Eygpt.

The next Tomb Raider game coming out in the 3rd Quarter of 2002. The will be called Tomb Raider: The Next Generation.

Level 10: City of Khamoon
Kills: 15 Secrets: 3 Items: 24
Traverse the broad cave where the mission begins. You can jump from the edge of the lower area to grab the switch ledge, then flip the toggle. Pull out the lower movable box, and check behind it. Use the lower box as a platform for the upper box. Move the upper box across the lower one and over next to the pillar. Climb up top, and get out those Magnums to deal with the prowling panther.

From the upper ledge, blast the mummy lurking near the large statue. Climb up on the leg of the statue, and walk beside its head to the wall. In a chamber behind the statue await ammo and the Sapphire Key. Check the pool below the pillar for Magnum ammo. You can climb up the low ledge in the corner to reach the upper walkway, and run and jump from there to grab the top of the pillar.

Pull out the movable box beneath the large statue, and insert the Sapphire Key into the lock. Get out those guns in preparation for a panther attack. You'll be safer if you climb the ledges on the right as you exit the passage. The tunnel continues from the ledge. Be ready for action. Travel in a straight line so that Lara can backflip while firing at the onrushing beast.

The new area is dominated by a shrine with a cat statue and an overhead rock formation. Peg the crocodile, and drop down to the sand. You'll see two corridors. The first order of business is to open the doors below the cat statue. You'll have to take a circuitous route. Jump into the small pool, and follow the passage underwater. Pull the lever on the wall to open the nearby door. Swim through to the open area, and quickly climb on top of the structure. Dispose of the croc.

Jump up and grab the edge of the low ledge, and pull Lara up to discover a movable box. Move the box into position on the central walkway. From the top of the box, you can reach the open portal. There's a small hole in the ceiling of the chamber, and you'll find a switch to throw in the upper passage. The switch extends a large golden walkway into the upper portion of the chamber.

Now push the box around to the opposite side of the room. From the top of the lower box, you can reach another level of ledge. Push the box aside to open a passage. The switch in the passage opens the large trapdoors above the golden walkway. Run and jump to the walkway, then jump from its edge to grab the floor of the room above.

On the side of one low, dark block is a switch to throw. The trapdoors surrounding the cat statue open. Lara is taking the long way down. From the left edge of the ledge overlooking the cat statue, run and jump to the rock formation. Carefully gather the ammo, then walk and slide down the slope to the lower portion of the rocks.

Drop down below the cat statue. Investigate only the following area, or you'll fall into a nasty trap. There's a hole in the floor near some ammo. That's the proper route out of the area. On the ledge down below, don't overlook the switch in the shadows. A hole opens in the floor of the large area, allowing sand to flow. Check the large chamber. Make a run for the high ground: the medium-height pillar across the room. If the panthers pounce too soon, you may have to circle around and try the climb again. From the low ledge, you can take care of any new arrivals. Expect more trouble below when you cross the bridge to the platform.

Run and jump and grab back to the left of the passage through which you entered. Follow the hallway, Shotgun at the ready: there's a mummy ambush dead ahead. You might consider rushing past the mummy into the large open chamber. Climb up to the low ledge from the sandy floor, and follow the tunnel to an upper chamber. There's an opening up the slope, but check the pillar first. Atop the pillar sits another Sapphire Key. Take it and climb the hill to the opening.

Run and jump across the platforms along the right-hand wall to reach the ledge on the left. Throwing the switch on the ledge redeposits a great deal of sand in the large chamber back across the ledges. Don't jump directly into the hole, but jump off to the left into the large room. Hang and drop from the side to avoid the slope below. Throw the switch and make good your escape.

Level 11: Obelisk of Khamoon
Kills: 16 Secrets: 3 Items: 38
Investigate the short tunnel, climbing from the slope to the ledge on the left. The locked door leads directly to a low pool surrounding the Obelisk. In the large adjacent chamber, four movable blocks seal four corridors. Behind the two on the right waits panther trouble with little reward. Behind the two on the left are what amount to passageways. Jump in the small pool, and swim through the underwater passage.

Climb atop the structure. In one corner niche waits the Sapphire Key. Swim back to the chamber with the movable boxes, and check the other passageway. Down below, a single panther prowls near a switch. The switch opens a small chamber up above. Insert the key into the lock in the hallway.

The poolside door opens, as does the upper portal in the movable-block room. Use a convenient block to reach the door. Through the upper door, a mummy lurks. Whip out the Shotgun, and watch the health meter. The ornate chamber features a switch beside the pillar on the left. Flip the switch, then circle around inside the ornate chamber, past the pillar on the right.

There's the first fallen drawbridge and the first relic, the Eye of Horus. When you pick up the Eye of Horus, you get a flash of the sealed door below the Obelisk. Drop down to the pool, and collect the ammo above and below the water. There's a hallway leading off the right-hand alcove near the pool. Slide down to the flat spot below, but don't run blindly into the room. Stand and pelt the panthers from the safety of the entryway.

Double back along the wall where you begin climbing to reach the upper ledge. Use the panthers in the pictures for reference. Eventually, you can grab the small platform on the same level as the Large Medi Pack. Continue up the ledges. Note the panthers below. Finally, you can run, jump, and grab the walkway above the ledge where that Large Medi Pack rested previously.

Pull Lara up to the walkway near the switch, and whip out the heavy artillery. Head up the stairs on the right ready for the zombie. You'll take a beating charging the zombie, but you can't afford to stand on the walkway because he'll knock you back into the deep chamber.

Throwing the switch lowers another plank in the direction of a relic. Before you head down to the prize, venture through the row of columns and check the top of the Obelisk. From the top of the Obelisk as Lara lands, look down low and to the left. There's Secret behind that ornament.

From the last Secret, hop down to the walkway near the fence, and Lara lands near a doorway.

Enter the large chamber, and look high and to the left. Use the crack to shimmy along the upper portion of the wall. Near the corner of the room, Lara can jump up and grab a walkway. Continue a short distance along the upper walkway, and look down for a crack in the wall. Climb down to the crack, and shimmy right. From the corner of the room, you can spy a passage below the entrance ledge. A nearby crack leads to a corner platform.

From the corner in the large chamber, run, jump, and grab to reach the ledge below the entrance. Throw the switch in the small area. Another plank falls back near the Obelisk. The trip back can be painful if you're not prepared. When you hit the floor in the large chamber, a pair of zombies arrives. If you run and jump from the ledge and keep running, you can usually climb to safety.

The Scarab is yours for the taking. There's also that plank that you switched from high above. Throw the switch on the wall, and continue around the perimeter walkway, being mindful of a gap in the path up ahead. Hop the gap and gather the Seal of Anubis. Backtrack across the gap and enter the doorway in the wall.

The large chamber has a long ramp leading up and a huge set of "stairs" that Lara can climb. Head up. From the top of the huge "stairs," run, jump, and grab the crack. Shimmy right to the platform. Throw the switch in the small chamber. Go just outside the switch chamber, and look to the right to discover a new set of steps. Climb the new set of steps to an opening in the ceiling. A mummy lurks there. Hop up and hammer the bandage boy, and throw the switches. The final plank falls near the Obelisk.

The switch near the door opens that portal, which leads to the familiar wide stairway. Instead of going this way, backtrack down the huge steps. At the bottom of the huge steps, jump across to the ledge: don't fall all the way to the floor. You can make your way down to floor level and collect ammo in exchange for panther trouble. The switch reconfigures the "stairs."

Exit to the Obelisk room, and take the last of the four relics. With all four relics in Lara's possession, the door at the base of the Obelisk opens. Get a good breath if you want to grab the pickups. At the far end of the long passage, a zombie prowls poolside. Get out on the far shore. Follow the passage to an adjoining chamber. Exit to the right. Back near the beginning of the City of Khamoon level, place the four small relics in the corresponding pillar plates. When all four relics are placed, the nearby double doors open, allowing Lara to take her leave.

Level 12: Sanctuary of the Scion
Kills: 15 Secrets: 1 Items: 29
Jump back and forth to pepper the mummies heading down toward you, and check the area. Gather the ammo from below and ascend the stairs. In the small chamber, collect the ammo and climb the block into the huge cavern. As you face the back of the head of the sphinx, head to the right.

Slide down the gentle slope of the sphinx to the area below, and get out those guns. Blast the demon in the narrow passage. On the right, as you walk beside the huge statue, are several tall pillars. From a low pillar near the wall, you can begin to climb upward. You need to reach the long rock walkway extending out into space. Run and jump to the pillar below its tip.

Up above, roll through the trap and continue down the path. Throw the switch on the wall, then roll and whip out those Magnums. The switch opens a door on the far side of the sphinx, and throwing it also invites the first of the winged demons. Upon the demon's demise, jump over to the Large Medi Pack. You can hang off the far side of that ledge and drop to return to the ground.

From the front of the sphinx, look to the low, light-colored pillar to begin climbing. When you run out of pillars to jump to, moving in the direction of that first switch, grab the crack and shimmy right. Climb to the upper walkway and spy a distant switch. Watch for breaks in the path! The switch at the end of the path opens the sealed door near where you slid from the back of the sphinx.

Throwing the switch also ushers in another of those nasty winged creatures. When the demon is dust, run and jump at a slight angle, just past the switch, to the nearby ledge. Run, jump, and grab to reach the upper platform. From there, get to the next of the upper ledges. From the slightly sloped walkway that leads toward the sphinx, you can spy the Uzis in midair. If you jump and grab, you can climb up on an invisible platform. Grab them- you may need them.

From the invisible Uzi platform, run, jump, and grab back to the walkway protruding from the cavern wall. Continue along the cavern wall, and you'll spy a well-lit opening above. That's the portal you unsealed with the first switch. In the small chamber, circle to the right and push out the box. Use the box to climb to the upper ledge and trade shots with the Atlantean in the adjacent chamber.

When the horseman is dead, Lara is free to claim the first of the two Ankhs. Return to the back of the sphinx. Slide down the same spot where you slid down the first time, and you'll discover the door you opened with the second switch. Inside the room, a slope leads down to the water. Slide backward down the slope and grab the edge of the ledge. Shimmy left to the platform.

In the pool below the bridge is a Gold Key. Take it, and return to the area above the second slope. Slide and jump from the very bottom of the long slope, and Lara can grab the edge of the bridge. At one end of the bridge is a sealed door. At the other end is the lock opened by the Gold Key.

In the chamber where the horseman waited is the second of the Ankhs. Return to the large sphinx statue in the cavern. As you face it, Lara can climb the right paw to reach the back. There are plates for the Ankhs on the front and back of the statue's head. When both of the Ankhs are placed, the door between the sphinx's paws opens. Hang and drop down.

In the water below are two submerged statues. Don't bother with pickups right now: swim down to the right. Near the feet of the submerged statue on the right is a tunnel. Near the door, on the right, is a lever to pull. The current sucks Lara into another chamber. Climb ashore and scale the pillars to the walkway above. Follow the walkway to the cavern and dispose of the winged demon waiting up ahead.

The water level in the statue chamber has lowered, allowing Lara to easily gather pickups and throw the switch on the right-hand statue. The switch opens a tunnel near the paws of the left-hand statue. Swim down. Follow the long ascending hallway to discover the Scarab. Taking the Scarab opens the gate, and Lara must do battle before using the prize.

The Scarab fits in the plate near the gate on the opposite side of the stairs. Follow the hallway, and look high and left for an opening Lara can reach. Battle the cowboy in the large chamber. There's plenty of room to stay mobile. Another piece of the Scion waits on a pedestal nearby. Taking it ends the level.

Major items picked up:
2 key in the City of Khamoon
1 key, 4 artifacts -- the Eye of Horus, Ankh, Scarab and Seal of Anubis in the Obelisk of Khamoon
1 key, 2 Ankhs, Uzis, Scarab and a Piece of the Scion in Sanctuary of the Scion

The next part of the game is in Atlantis.