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Tomb Raider
Atlantis Walkthroughs


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Below are the walkthroughs for Atlantis.

The next Tomb Raider game will be coming out in the 3rd Quarter in 2002. It is called Tomb Raider: The Next Generation.

Level 13: Natla's Mines
Kills: 3 Secrets: 3 Items: 30
Swim through the passage and surface in the pool. Check behind the waterfall to discover a tunnel. Follow the tunnel behind the falls, and look to the left when it broadens. Throw the switch. The switch opens a passage back on the shore opposite the falls. Backtrack through the pool below the falls and explore the pathway past the boxes. A mine shaft is blocked by an ore cart. Look to the left.

Pull the movable block out of the rock pile and explore the tunnel. The switch in the tunnel opens another gate- back behind the waterfall. Double back to the path behind the falls, and head up the passage past the first switch. Run and jump to the landing with the hazard barriers. Follow the path there.

In the open area, a small room is suspended from a crane. Therein wait the Pistols. Move the box over under the hole in the ceiling. Run and jump to the top of the nearby structure, which has a collapsible section in its roof. Drop into the structure and follow the tunnel. In a niche on the right is a switch. Throwing this switch repositions the boat near the falls.

Follow the tunnel, hanging and dropping to the top of the box. Check the closed gate, which opens as you approach. Inside is a set of hazardous hurdles. The idea is to run and jump the hurdles without error, then duck off to the right at the end of the run. Enter a short hallway on the right before a boulder seals the portal.

In the short hallway is the first of the three Fuses. Watch your step as you follow the tunnels, as a boulder rolls down each slope. Eventually, you return to the hurdles. Climb to the walkway to discover a passage back to the outside area.

First Fuse in hand, head back to the boat near the falls. Climb aboard and jump from there to the shore. Pull out the dirty box in the room full of boxes. Push the first box into the small niche on the left, then pull out the second box and pull it over to the right. Throw the switch behind the boxes, and then head back to the mine with the ore cart.

The ore cart has moved from the mouth of the mine, allowing Lara access. Push the box in the mine shaft through to the small cave. Use the box to climb to the short upper hallway and throw the switch. The switch opens a gateway back near the hurdle puzzle. Continue in the mine shaft a short distance and it opens into a cave. Go just far enough to pick up the second Fuse, then backtrack.

Head back up the trail behind the waterfall. The third Fuse sits on the conveyor belt. The switch to operate the belt is through the opened gate. Throw the switch and collect the third Fuse from the end of the conveyor belt.

Insert all three Fuses in the control panel near the suspended room. Inside the lowered room wait the Pistols.

Climb on top of the small structure and look on the side opposite the door for a passage high on the rock wall. Just inside the passage is another tunnel, high and on the right. In the short upper passage, walk to the edge of the slope. Step onto the slope and jump as Lara begins to slide. There's a trapdoor below that has opened above a lava pit. Jump back and forth for several seconds, and the trapdoor closes up. Stand on it and grab the ledge above. Raid the chamber and throw the switch to open the exit.

Pistols in hand, backtrack to the cave where you found the Fuse on the ground. Stick it to the cowboy, and reclaim the Magnums from his fallen form. In the large lava tunnel, you can see a switch in the distance. Hang from the small ledge, then drop and grab the edge of the platform below. Shimmy to the right along the lava flow.

Run and jump from here to the distant platform near the red crack in the wall. Run, jump, and grab the red crack in the wall and shimmy right to the landing. Slide down the slope and follow the passage. You'll have to run and jump across the lava to the flat rock on the left. Continue along the tops of the pillars in the lava cave, stopping on a central rock to look to the right.

Run and jump from the central rock to the opening in the wall of the cave, and immediately push in the movable box. A boulder comes rolling down to seal the path- or smash Lara if you're slow to react.

The long passage provides Lara with a way to get on the other side of the boulder and claim the Shotgun off the tracks. Once you've taken all the prizes, a hole in the ceiling lets Lara bypass the boulder and return to the lava cave. Follow the flat pillars to the end of the area and continue down the passage. Jump and grab across the molten floor and follow the tunnel.

The tunnel opens into a small cave full of TNT boxes. Pull the dirty TNT box into the adjoining chamber. Stand on top of the box so you can jump to an opening in the rock wall. Follow the pathway to a lava pit. You can jump to the slope on the right without slipping into oblivion. From off to one side, let the boulder roll down the hallway and into the pit, then run and jump across.

The path leads to the switch in the lava cave that you noticed so long ago. Throw it. The switch detonates the TNT box Lara stood on back in the small cave. The explosion opens a hole in the wall. Follow the short tunnel to the room of the white pillars. Get out those Magnums. The kid on the skateboard has stumbled upon Lara's Uzis. If you can get the skateboarder to reverse direction away from Lara, run him down before he can turn and shoot. Reclaim the Uzis.

Follow the passage up from the room with white pillars, ready to evade rolling boulders. There's one last rock at the top of the run, coming from the left. Climb the ledges in the cavernous chamber. Climb into the tan room and push the block through to another chamber. Climb to the upper chamber to discover another movable box. Pull the second box out. Push the second box to one side. A gold door is revealed. Now you need to find the switch to open it.

Drop down to the area below. Pull the block out. That will allow you to return and push the very first block one more time. When you return and push in the first block, a short hall is revealed. Throw the switch near the second gold door. Throw the switch on the wall to the left. Back upstairs, the second gold door has opened.

Another cowboy stands between Lara and the end of the level. When the bad guy kisses the gravel, climb the ledge above the pyramid door. Jump along the flat spaces in the pyramid's slope. Slide down near the wall to reach a flat landing near a passageway. Throw the switch in the short passage and another gold door opens back near the place where you entered the large cavern. Inside the opened chamber is the Pyramid Key. Insert the Pyramid Key into the lock and put Natla's Mines behind you.

Level 14: Atlantis
Kills: 32 Secrets: 3 Items: 50
Get out those Uzis and approach the first egg chamber. The pods explode to release enemies. Try to coax open each pod one at a time. Leap back and forth to take care of business. Some of the eggs remain intact for the time being. Check the far end of the chamber.

To the left of the door is an open passage. Follow the hallway up to the ledge above the eggs. Watch out for the flying demon that breaks free below. At the far end of the upper area, on the right, is a switch. Throw this to open another small alcove nearby with a second switch. The second switch opens a hallway off of the upper ledge. Watch your back for arriving Atlanteans.

In the hallway is a switch that opens the door on the ground floor of the egg chamber. Get out those Uzis and check the huge central chamber of the level. Off to the right you can see an open passage, but there's a route that's easier than the direct one. Hang from the ledge, then drop and grab the platform below. Clean out the short tunnel and follow it to the connecting hallway.

You need to open the door before you jump over to the walkway. Look to the right, then jump and grab the crack. Drop and grab the opening below. Throw the switch in the hallway to open the portal above the egg. Follow the pathway, collect the ammo, and drop back down to the ledge above the egg.

The egg breaks open when you run and jump to the walkway. Don't let the mutant circle behind you: retreat into the hallway as needed. Follow the passage to the chamber with the slope and the pool. Under the water is the switch that opens the sealed door for a short time. From the top of the pillar, you can jump to the flat places on the slope. The first time you do, you'll have to dodge a rolling boulder.

From the top of the pillar, you can jump to the flat places on the slope. The first time you do, you'll have to dodge a rolling boulder. In the upper right-hand corner of the tall slope is a small room. Slide back down to the water.

Now pull the switch, and move fast to traverse the steep slope by way of the flat spaces. From a nearby flat space, jump in the direction of the rock wall and slide down to the landing in front of the timed door. Jump up and grab the walkway from the floor, then throw the switch on the wall. The exit to the room opens back near the entrance. Run and jump along the ledges to the small chamber. Throw the switch in the small chamber to fill the room with lava. Backtrack along the same ledges you used to reach the switch.

The room is full of lava, but an exit has opened. Run, jump, and grab the low section of the walkway, then head for the exit. Follow the passage, leaping across the hazardous pit. Swim down and pull the switch to open the nearby door. When you step out onto the ledge, the trap activates behind you and a demon dives from above. Cut loose with the Uzis, and keep the walk button held down as you unload.

Jump from the initial ledge to the one nearby, then follow the passage there. Swim up to the ledges in another egg chamber. The switches around the room unseal the underwater passage. Travel around the room, throwing each switch and defending yourself. Continue through the opened passage. Climb out of the water and follow the passageway.

Stop at this juncture and throw the switch. The nearby door opens and the ground begins to shake. A boulder rolls down and seals off the exit route.

Move the block over to the end of the boulder ramp. Exit through the red hallway. Circle around to throw the switch near the door once more. Now when you enter the room, the block stops the boulder from sealing the passage. Follow the hallway and mutilate some more mutants. Run and jump across the chasm to a flat red section. Collect the ammo and follow the tunnel to a strangely spinal cavern. Grab the ammo and be ready for a demon attack.

From the ledge to the left of the entrance, you can jump to the small square platform. Jump to the light-colored section of spine and blast the mutants lurking off to the left. On the far side of the chamber are a pathway and a switch. Throw the switch and move the box at the far end of the path to reveal a passage. Roll through the trap and return to the spine room.

Jump off to the ledge on the right, where the Atlanteans lurked moments ago. Look sharp for incoming demons back in the huge main chamber. Continue to a room of lava and pillars. Run and jump to the corner platform on the left, then throw the switch. The pillars reconfigure. Now you can make it to the central opening and throw the switch in that short hallway. The second rearrangement lets you traverse the pillar tops to the room's exit.

Step into the wide tunnel and cut loose on the trio of freaks. Backflipping and weaving while running forward helps a bit. Follow the passage to the switch near the lava flow. Be ready to run in the opposite direction from the lava when you throw the switch. Jump up and grab the ledge as the lava fills the passage below. Pull Lara up. Fight your way through the wide, ornate tunnel.

Before you dodge the darts and roll through the steel jaws, coax out the boulder by stepping onto the ramp and hopping back off. Continue to the large ornate chamber. Look to the left as you enter. Push the block through. In the adjacent area, two trapdoors sit near a sealed portal. Throw the switch on the left and let Lara fall.

Jump from the slope to make it across the spiked pit. Continue up the passage. Climb the ledges, pausing to throw the switch. Return to the now-opened door in the ornate chamber. Follow the passage to another small egg hatchery. Stay mobile as the distant egg explodes. Throw the switch on the wall to open the exit. The other eggs open when you step to the ramp. Down the slope, dispose of the mutants, but try not to target the slender Atlantean.

The slender red mutant mirrors Lara's every move, including attacks. Climb the rocks to reach the ledge with the switch. Throwing the switch opens the trapdoor to a lava pit, but only for a short while. Quickly cross to the ledge on the far side of the room. The Atlantean Lara mirrors your steps, but in the vicinity of the lava pit. Lead the monster into the open pit, and the door nearby opens. Follow the passage, Uzis at the ready.

Blast the Atlantean horseman. Across the large chamber is a sealed door. Two switches open the door. The first is on the right, but you may want to grab ammo from near the door on the left before throwing the switch. Throw the first switch, which opens the door, then hustle around and flip the second. Cross the temporary bridge and enter the Scion chamber.

Level 15: Great Pyramid
Kills: 6 Secrets: 3 Items: 31
Get out the 12-gauge and go to work. If the creature can get close, it'll grab Lara and kill her with a single attack. Keep up the assault. You'll know it's over when the monster folds and explodes. Follow the passage past the movable block. Leave the block alone.

The passage wraps around to the other side of the block. Push the block, walk back around, and climb on top of it. From the top of the block, you can jump and grab the edge of the upper passage. Roll through these jaws as with any other such obstacle, but jump backward after the roll before the floor can collapse.

Follow the passage to the juncture and hang a right. Head down the white-walled tunnel. Push the box and then double back. From the opposite side, pull the box, then run back around through the white hall and push the box into the final position. Positioning the box allows you to double back and reach the switch, which opens the nearby door.

Across from the entrance to the room with the lava stream, you can see an unreachable passage. Jump back and forth across the lava, using the flatter portions of the slopes. At this point, look back in the direction of the unreachable passage.

You'll see that a bridge has extended. Jump back across the lava from side to side. Cross the extended bridge. Raid the small chamber and notice the switch: the bridge has retracted behind you. To lock the bridge into escape position, you need to throw the switch in the Secret area twice!

Jump back to the walkway near the slopes. Hop the lava to the room's exit. Follow the passage in the dark corner of the room with the lava stream. Be on guard for boulders in the passage ahead. Roll and run, ducking off to the right to let the boulder in the first hall find its niche. Break open the flooring- roll onto it and run off as it falls- then hang and drop to the area below.

Back in the room where the Scion is being used for Natla's evil purposes, blast the relic to bring the house down. The nearby door opens. Cross the bridge and batter the mutants. Through the floor of the cavern, in the black rock, is an opening. Drop through.

Run, jump, and grab the crack, then shimmy to the right. Lara is bound to take a few dart hits en route, but she'll be OK. The dismount, however, is a killer. When you let go of the crack, jump as Lara slides down the slope to reach the flat rock near the exit. In the chamber with the huge blade, approach from off to the right, as shown. With all the rumbling, it's hard to realize that a boulder has been released.

the boulder has passed, stand and jump past the blade to the clearing in the spikes. Walk through the spikes, around the corner to the left. You'll have to jump immediately from the collapsible platform to reach the passageway beyond.

In the cave dominated by the long slope, look to the bloody red lava flow on the wall to the left. Jump and grab an invisible crack near the top of the dark red flow. Shimmy to the right. Drop down to the ledge at the far end of the crack and load up on ammo and Large Medi Packs. If you run off the ledge in the direction of the slope and backflip immediately, Lara should alight on a flat platform at the end of the sloping run.

From the opening of the nearby passage, Lara must run across the collapsible flooring, then duck past the blade as the boulder is released. Try running forward as the blade is hanging straight down, moving away from Lara. Make sure your health is maxed out. At the top of the next run, wait until the blade is hanging straight down. Past the blade, jump from the slope to the ledge beyond.

In the long, narrow room, the lava is released when Lara enters. Start on the left, then angle quickly to the right and the Small Medi Pack. The lava will stop. Continue past the next two flows to the switch, then open the exit.

In the passage where you can see the boulder up above, simply run forward. As you pass below the upper ramp, use the walk command to stop at the edge of a pit. From the side of the pit, jump forward and grab the distant edge of the walkway. Don't pull up, just hang and let the boulder pass overhead. Follow the passage to the flaming pillars. Run, jump, and grab from the edge of the walkway.

You should grab the edge of the distant section. Pull up and jump over the central flame. Once again, run, jump, and grab to clear the flaming pillar and reach the room's exit. Run, jump, and grab from the edge of the ledge to the collapsible platform below the blade. As long as Lara doesn't pull up, the platform remains intact. Being mindful of the blade, pull up, then run and jump from the platform as it collapses. You should enter the small chamber.

From the edge of the Secret area, use the walk, forward, and jump commands to dive directly into the pool far below. Gather the ammo and swim up to the site of the game's final confrontation. Max the health. Grip the Uzis.

Natla, now wickedly mutated, comes flying in from high and to the left as you enter the large cave. Return fire. Don't be fooled by Natla's act. The first time she goes face down, she'll get back up again. When she rises once more, be waiting to let her have a toxic level of hot lead. Behind the large rock pile, Lara can begin her climb to the level's exit. Follow the passages and pillars back and forth across the rumbling cavern. Make sure you're at full health, just in case.

Finally, Lara can reach a wide tunnel high above the ground. Slide down the slope, and the first adventure of Lara Croft is history.

Major items picked up:
Pistols, Magnums, Shotgun, Uzis, 3 fuses and a key in Natla's Mines