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Tomb Raider
Rome Walkthroughs


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Below are the walkthroughs for Rome.

The next Tomb Raider game coming out in the 3rd Quarter in 2002. It will be called Tomb Raider: The Next Generation.

Level 5: St. Francis' Folly
Kills: 23 Secrets: 4 Items: 19
Hustle out of the short tunnel, and climb up on one of the low ledges to shoot the lions. Pushing the movable box back and forth opens doors at each end of the large area. The door that opens closest to the ground is guarded by a gorilla. Proceed with caution. Upstairs to the right is a switch.

Expect more monkey trouble when you head back downstairs. The switch opens the exit. Back in the large area, another one of Natla's goons arrives. Chase him around the pillars until he disappears. Now you can position the movable box so you can reach the top of the lowest pillar.

Grab that Large Medi Pack on top of the pillar. On the same side of the room as the movable box is an opening high on the wall. Jump to the ledge. Go just inside the door and turn to the left. Jump forward onto the ramp, then jump and grab from the second ramp. You should be able to catch the edge of the ledge above. Pull Lara up. From the upper ledge, backflip to the slope, then jump and grab the high ledge. Grab the goodies, being mindful of the fake floor.

Return to the large room, and continue around the perimeter to the high, opened door. Slide backward down the long slope, and grab the edge of the ledge as you slip off. Grab the ledge, and hang over the small slope below. Pull Lara up to the long slope and let her slip back off: don't jump backward, just drop from a standstill.

Try to peg the crocodile. Then swim to the switch and throw it to drain the water from the conduit below. Dispose of the crocodile and traverse the dry tunnel. At the far end of the tunnel is a stairway leading up to the main chamber of the level. Look to the right as you enter, and follow that path; be ready for bat trouble. Run and jump to the top of the tower, prepared to splat some more bats.

One level below the top of the tower is a switch. The first switch opens the door to the Thor room a short distance below. Drop carefully down through the levels of the tower, and you'll find another switch on a pillar. Throw it. The second switch opens the door to the Damocles room. Check the nearby door to the Thor room before heading down to the Damocles room.

Inside is a nasty lightning trap. The bolts strike the metal plates randomly. Hug the wall, and wait for the bolt to strike in front of you. When you hear it striking again in another location, run and jump across the plate. In the dark chamber, you have to stand beneath the hammer, then run out of the way as it falls. The falling hammer dislodges a movable block that Lara can use.

Use the block to climb to the nearby ledge, where another block lets you reach an upper walkway. Take the Thor Key from the upper ledge, and backtrack through the lightning trap. The Damocles Key lies in a small adjoining chamber. Grab it, and the goodies above it, and exit with caution. Use the shadows on the floor to judge the position of the swords, and be aware that they'll drift toward Lara as they fall. Jump back!

Outside the Damocles room on the central tower is another switch to throw. The switch opens the door to the Neptune room high above. You need to make your way down to the foot of the tower first. Down on the ground floor, Natla's henchman needs a good schoolin'. Trade fire until he disappears behind the tower.

Throw the switch at ground level. To the left is the exit portal. To open it, you need all four room keys. In the distance on the right is a sealed secret room. The floor-level switch opens the Atlas room. Relieve the primate standing guard.

The boulder at the top of the long ramp must be released. Run up the ramp a distance and roll until you coax it free. With the boulder in pursuit, roll and grab the edge of the ramp, then drop into the safe zone as the rock passes overhead. Up the boulder ramp on the left is a ledge to climb, where you'll find the Atlas Key. Climb the tower to the opened Neptune room.

Inside is a deep pool that seems to dead-end in an underwater passageway. In the underwater passageway, check the ceiling for a small offshoot. Throw the switch there to access the Neptune Key. Collect the Neptune Key from the end of the underwater passage, and make haste for the Neptune room far above. Before you unseal the ground-floor secret room, head back down there and kill the lions. The trigger you seek is on top of the entrance to the Thor room.

The pressure pad above the door to the Thor room opens the room far below for a very short time. Turn to the right, and run off the ledge in that direction. Keep running- don't jump- and you'll drop down rapidly without getting squished. When you fall to the walkway with Lara facing the corner of the room, roll and run. You should be just above ground level and headed straight toward the door. Apply all four keys to the locks on the ground floor, and exit through the unbarred portal.

Level 6: Colosseum
Kills: 26 Secrets: 3 Items: 14
Blast the crocodile before you take a swim; swim through to the larger cavern. Try to get out of the pool when the patrolling lion is at a distance, and you should be able to take him out with the Shotgun. Expect more lion trouble from along the left side of the structure. Inside the building, remove the lurking lion. Climb the cliffs to the left of the structure, and then use the block to reach the upper walkway.

Backtrack to the upper ledge around the structure and down into a passage. Blast the crocodiles from above. Past the crocodile pit, drop into the hallway and throw the switch. Up the stairs is the Colosseum proper and one of Natla's men waiting to stage an ambush. Chase him off. On the perimeter of the Colosseum are three rooms with sealed doors. Try to mop up as much of the wildlife as possible, then drop down to the floor of the arena.

Get out your Shotgun and slide down the slope through the opening in the wall. Dispose of the lions and throw both switches. Follow the open passageway to the bottom of the open pit outside. There are lions aplenty waiting for Lara to climb back up. Use the pit as an obstacle and a refuge. Check the rocks for another lion and an open door.

In the chamber below, hit the first pressure pad, and run through the door on the left. In the left-hand room, you have to throw the switch, then hustle to another chamber next door. In that second cell, bear to the right, and you should just make it inside a small antechamber. Throw the switch. Proceed down the now-opened hallway, walking carefully past the spikes. Follow the passage and climb up.

Scour the rocks for ammo, and look in the direction of the central structure. Run and jump to the small sloping rock. From its far end, you can run, jump, and grab the ledge nearby. Be ready for gorilla trouble when you make it up onto the ledge: don't let him push you backward!

Once you've disposed of your enemies, pull out the block and throw the switch you find there. The switch opens the first of the perimeter doors.

You can use the low stone block on the floor of the Colosseum to climb back to the bleachers. Watch for bats and head inside. Another perilous boulder ramp awaits. Walk to the edge of the opening, and jump forward and grab as the rock is released. Hang from the edge of the ramp, and let the boulder roll overhead.

Follow the ramp up, and throw the switch in the small room. Expect more trouble from Natla's goon as you make your way to the next open door in the bleacher area. You enter a room of high pillars. Throw the switch high on the wall.

In the new room that opens in the bleacher section, push in the box. Throw the switch you find to open a door back in the central area of the Colosseum. Push the block all the way into an adjoining chamber, and then pull it out of the way. Take the Rusty Key, and backtrack to the central area of the Colosseum.

Don't forget to check the now-opened door at the bottom of the stairs, then use the Rusty Key on the lock. Jump into the water and swim to the next level.

Level 7: Palace Midas
Kills: 43 Secrets: 3 Items: 23
You begin the level in a small pool. Climb out. Head to the right cautiously. Kill the croc and continue in that direction. Choose the low road for now: the stairs can wait a while. Follow the path beside the stairs, guns at the ready.

There are lions on the prowl in the area. Dispose of them and check the area out. In the dark end of the area waits a Small Medi Pack. There's also a gorilla lurking in the opposite direction. Head back down the narrow tunnel. Hang a right, and climb the staircase. Blast the gorillas in the upstairs area. This large room forms the meat of the level.

Around one side of the central ledge is a sealed gate. On the other side of the central ledge, climb the white stone, then run and jump to the nearby pillar. From the pillar, you can jump to the ledge above the nearby door. From the ledge above the door, jump to the adjacent ledge and claim the stash. Run and jump (or fall and climb) back to the tops of the pillars. Continue along the tops of the pillars in the direction of the central ledge.

On the ledge is a series of switches that you can use to open the perimeter doors. Throw the single switch downstairs to open the gate. Above each door is a series of glyphs. Note the pattern. Configuring the same pattern on the set of five switches opens the door. In one room is a nasty series of jumps over flaming pillars. Clear the water before attempting the puzzle.

When you approach the starting line, the pillars stop burning, but not for long. Run and jump along the tops of the pillars, leaning right and then left in midair to step on each one. On the last jump, you need to grab and pull up. Hustle past that final pillar as the fires reignite. Take the lead bar, and swim back to the outer area.

On this door, one of the symbols is missing. Configure the switches back on the central ledge as shown, and in you go. The chamber is dominated by a tall pillar. Pass by the pillar and through the opening in the far wall. Head downstairs, and pull out the block. The pillar collapses. Double back past the floor-level opening to the pillar room, and head upstairs.

Look down and to the right from the ledge. Drop to that rock, and run and jump from there to grab the top of the busted pillar. From the top of the pillar, run and jump to the flat spot on the slope. From there you can jump to the ledge near the doorway. From the safety of the ledge, dispose of the bats and gorillas. Hop over to the area around the pool, and blast the crocodiles. Swim through the narrow channel. You enter a large cavern. Hang over the edge and drop to the stash you can see far below.

Jump out of the area, and plug another big ape. Look to the right to spy a long ledge. Hammer some more gorillas, exploring the length of the ledge. Across from the long ledge, you can see a crack in the wall. Run, jump, and grab in the direction of the Large Medi Pack.

Shimmy to the far end of the crack, and pull up. Blast the bats, and notice an opening that was hidden by the rocks. Run and jump across the chasm, and follow the path upward. Leap over the collapsible flooring to claim the Large Medi Pack. Slide down the slope past the Large Medi Pack. Follow the tunnel and you'll spy an opening below.

Traverse the ledge, and be ready for the onrushing lion. Don't get knocked off! Look to the right on the ledge above the gorillas, and leap to the ledge. The tunnel terminates at an opening above a structure. On the roof of the structure is the second lead bar.

By now, the area below is teaming with wildlife. Notice that you can use the rocks for a height advantage. Watch your back as the door to the structure opens: there may be lions creeping up from behind. Inside the structure, the switch opens up the garden gate.

Blast your way back in the direction of the beginning pool, as gorillas seek to bar the way. Backtrack to the room with the combination doors. Check the next door in the perimeter area. Configure the switches in the proper pattern. Inside the now-opened chamber, the floor is covered with spikes. Walk slowly.

Through the opening in the wall, pull out the box to reveal a short hallway. Throwing the switch in the short hall raises pillars among the spikes. Run and jump around the room, using the pillars. Get out that Shotgun before the final leap. A gorilla will try to push you to your death as soon as you land. Drop the gorilla and take the third lead bar.

There's one last door to open with the combination switches. Open the final door in the area. That's the exit, but you need gold bars before you exit, not lead. If you check the exit area, you'll find a lion guarding the three fixtures requiring the gold bars. Backtrack to the beginning pool. The garden is down the dark tunnel.

Expect more gorilla business near the garden gate. Inside the garden, notice the sealed gate on the left. Just inside the garden gate, there's a switch hidden in the bushes. That opens the sealed interior gate. As the trap opens, roll, then jump backward before the floor can collapse.

Run and jump from the upper platform as the trap closes, and make your escape. Back in the garden, climb to the roof from the low ledge on the right. In the area of Midas' hand, be very careful. If you stand in the hand, Lara turns to gold. Stand beside the hand, and turn each lead bar to gold with some help from Midas' touch. Backtrack and insert the gold bars in the three fixtures. The door to exit the level opens.

Level 8: Cistern
Kills: 34 Secrets: 3 Items: 28
Drop down into the small room, being mindful of the presence of a thriving rodent population, and push the block. Use the block to reach the switch in the adjacent chamber. Drop through the hole in the floor to find the main area.

Turn to the right as you enter, and jump to the small landing. Blast the rat and grab the crack. Shimmy along the crack to the corner, and then continue to shimmy left. Climb up at the end of the crack, and look to the right. Follow the upper walkway around to locate the first Rusty Key. Drop down to the ledge immediately below.

Run and jump to the walkway where you entered, then run, jump, and grab to reach the first locked door on the left. Use the Rusty Key to open the room, prepared for a gorilla ambush. Climb to the walkway above using the ledge near the door, and one of Natla's henchmen appears. Drop down and chase him off. Run and jump and grab your way up the ascending walkways, and notice the ammo in the niche below the crack.

Stand like this and backflip, and Lara will land on the ledge with the ammo. Return to the floor by dropping down and grabbing each lower ledge. Backtrack up the walkways, and this time run, jump, and grab the crack. Shimmy to the right. Use the slopes to reach floor level in the large chamber, being wary of the lurking crocodiles. Fend off the big lizards, and check the tunnel in that direction for a rat and his Large Medi Pack.

Climb the ledges along the wall, in the direction of the closed door. Run off the high platform in the direction of the lower ledge, then grab the crack and shimmy left to the door. Jump across the pit, then past the spikes to the passage below. Follow the passage to a sealed door near a pool. Climb the ledges, and don't fall in the water.

Run and jump to the top of the ducts, and throw the switch to open the door below. When you return to the area near the pool, a henchman attacks! Scare him off and claim the first Silver Key.

Jump in the pool and follow the underwater passage. Climb ashore at the small pool, and peg any pursuing crocodiles. Up above the small pool, you can see an underwater-type lever. You'll have to flood this area to use it.

Follow the underwater passage to the large outer pool. Climb ashore and rid the area of rats and reptiles. Swim to the low walkway surrounding the opening with the ramp, and climb the ledges on the left. From the top of the pillar, you can jump to the nearby landing. Get those guns out and trade potshots with the goon. Be careful not to fall through either of two holes in the floor.

The switch on the wall controls the water level. Go ahead and throw it. With the switch in the down position, dive into the water and avoid the rats as you seek out an underwater passage. Follow the passage, and angle to the right in the new chamber. Only one low section of the walk allows Lara to climb ashore.

Run and jump across the water to the ledges, and jump and grab from the lowest one to discover another Rusty Key. Follow that path. Hang and drop into the low tunnel with the rats, then return to the now-flooded outer area. Apply the Rusty Key to the second door. Step into the pool, and pull back immediately to keep from sticking on the spikes. Swim down the passage.

When you take the Gold Key from the small chamber, the nearby door opens. You need to exit in that direction, although a crocodile occasionally has something to say about it.

Time for a backtrack- through the first Rusty Key door, along the crack in the wall, across the large room, down past the pit with the spikes, and all the way back to that underwater-type lever, which is now submerged. Pull it. Swim down through the opened door.

Collect the second Silver Key from the short passage, and return to the flooded outer area. Climb ashore on the one unexplored island, the one with the ornate portal. To the left of the first Silver Key door is a movable block. Push the block aside to reveal a small chamber. Backflip to the slope, and jump to and grab the walkway above to find the stash.

Use the two Silver Keys to open the doors. The lock for the Gold Key door is up above, and under guard. Expect serious lion trouble from the open Gold Key door. Try to soften them up from above.

The switch opens the nearby door, releasing more lions. It's not necessary to throw it. Pull the movable block out from beside the switch. Use the block to climb to the upper ledge. Don't overlook the Magnum ammo. Drop through the hole behind the movable block to put the Cistern behind you.

Level 9: Tomb of Tihocan
Kills: 17 Secrets: 2 Items: 26
You begin the level floating in the deep well below the Cistern. Submerge and follow the passage. Swim down past the grating to discover a short hallway. Pull the lever below to lower the water level. The switch opens the door down the hall and a crocodile enters. It's Magnum time.

Climb the ledges, and jump to the central platform, ready to move quickly to a corner of it. Dart traps crisscross the platform. Run and jump to the distant ledge. Throw the switch in the upper hallway to raise the water level in the room. Check the underwater tunnel, then use the floating block to continue into the passage.

Swim all the way down to the lower passage, and pull the lever to reverse the current in the long tunnel. Go with the flow. Pull out the block, and use it to climb to the upper ledges. There are two hallways off the upper ledges. Take the one on the right, Pistols at the ready. Confront the thug in the narrow corridor with one eye on the health meter.

Step close to the trap on the stairway, and roll through to continue. You'll probably have to drop down to the lower passage to deal with the crocodile. Stand on the one in the corner that was on the far left as you came into the room, and run around counterclockwise. Bounce off the sloped platforms to reach and grab the uppermost ledge in the small room.

Backtrack to the room with the two portals and the poised ax. You can jump past the ax and claim the ammo from the small alcove. With the ax in motion, run and jump and grab the distant ledge as the blade swings away. Stand one square back from the edge of the walkway.

Follow the hall, and shimmy along the crack to the right. Throw the switch in the short hall, and return to the area of the crack nearby. Drop down into the water, and swim along the surface. At the end of the narrow pool is a passage on the right. Kill the rat and jump back into the water to continue. Blast the lion from the relative cover of the low sloping section.

Get up on the low ledge and take potshots at the gorillas. Don't climb up there just yet. In the short connecting hallway is a barely visible switch. Throw it, then climb to the gorilla platform. With the door open, you can jump and grab the crack, then shimmy right and pull Lara up into the entryway. Raid the room, taking the Gold Key, then return to the area below. Follow the hallway to the pool room.

Applying the Gold Key to the lock raises blocks from the water. Use the blocks to reach the distant chamber. In the new room, four sets of glyphs are inlaid in the chamber floor. Push the movable block over onto the closest inlay, and climb on top of the block quickly. Shoot the gorilla from atop your block and raid his home. Push the block to the left and onto the next set of glyphs.

When the door opens, you'll see the Rusty Key in an alcove, guarded by two rolling boulders. Take the Rusty Key: it's one of two you need to continue. Push the box across the room onto the next set of glyphs. Blast the rats and check their lair before continuing. Push the block into the final position, near the door, and climb on top of it.

In addition to the upper portal, the last lower door opens. Up top waits the second of the Rusty Keys. Roll through the trap to claim the prize, then return to the large chamber below. Apply the Rusty Keys to the locks, and drop into the huge pool.

Angle to the left, and look for a low, white stone landing. Turn and pop the croc. Behind the landing, there's a tunnel to follow back into the rock. Climb through the tunnel to the large cavern above. Run and jump across the water to the top of the distant pillar on the left. Climb up and throw the switch. An underwater door opens. Drop down to the water, and swim through the underwater passage below.

Surface in front of the impressive tomb. Below, slightly to the right, you can spy a lit passage underwater. Follow the passage and throw the switch in the small chamber. The tomb is now open for business. Return to the outer patio. You can rush inside the building and plink away at the horsemen, which become animated as you pass.

Inside, Natla's henchman abandons a piece of Scion when he gives up the ghost for good. When the battle's won, take the Gold Key from the low platform and apply it to the lock on the ledge.

Major items picked up:
4 keys in St. Francis' Folly
Magnums and 1 key in Colosseum
3 lead lead bars in Palace Midas
4 keys and piece of Scion

The next part of the game is in Egypt.